Community Work in Combating Family Violence

Family Violence is not a private matter, and is widely recognized as a social, public health and criminal justice concern. Using a community development lens, TRANS SAFE Centre, through its outreach initiative - SAFE Bridge aims to bridge information and resources to people who might know someone or are themselves experiencing and witnessing family violence. In generating greater public Awareness, we are driven by a long-term vision of community Asset-building and fostering Agency to collectively address the complex issue of Family Violence. 

Nobody deserves to be abused and Everyone has a stake in promoting safe relationships be it at home or in the community. Read on to learn more about Family Violence, and what you can do to become an agent of change.


SAFE Bridge Video-Outreach 2020

Amidst the current climate of uncertainty precipitated by the Covid-19 pandemic, we recognize that individuals and families may experience heightened tension and stress. In some cases, it might escalate to incidences of violence.

This ongoing video series provides a snapshot of what constitutes family violence, and what people experiencing/ witnessing violence can do to seek help and/or plan for their safety.


Watch Episode 1- What is Family Violence? (Part I) here: 





Watch Episode 2- What is Family Violence? (Part II) here: 









Watch Episode 3- PPO Application here: 





Watch Episode 4- Safety Planning here: