TRANS Happenings

TFS 40th Anniversary Dinner

November 2019

To end off our TRANS Family Services 40th Anniversary celebrations, a relaxing dinner was organized for 158 former and current staff and volunteers. One of the highlights during the dinner was a photo-taking session for staff and volunteers who served at TRANS over the years. A snapshot of our 40 years journey was presented in a short video production and a memory lane, which included photos and items spanning four decades. A sand art performance depicting the spirit of TRANS added a poetic finale to the dinner. May the spirit of TRANS - "to work with the community, for the community" - remain in the many years to come!

Open House (Bedok Reservoir)

September 2019

TRANS Family Service Centre (Bedok Reservoir) had an annual Open House on the 31st August 2019. Apart from raising awareness and promoting accessibility to the services of the FSC; one of the other objectives was for the residents of Bedok reservoir to be more aware of mental health well-being and to promote different avenues of self-care. A total of 279 residents came for the Open House; of which 72 attended the “Workshop on Understanding and Managing Stress” conducted by the FSC with Community Psychology Hub (CPH). GoodLife! was also engaged to share their services to the elderly and to conduct Dementia & Depression Screenings. We had a good time interacting with the residents through our visual exhibition titled “The Other Side of Me” and self-care booths which consist of crafts and games.

Relaxation Workshops (SAFE Centre)

August 2019

In August 2019, our in-house clinical psychologists conducted two rounds of workshops for clients with identified mental health concerns. The aim of these workshops was to teach relaxation strategies for the mind and body to improve overall coping. Eight out of ten participants learned that they have been breathing in a way that increases their stress. At the end of the workshop, they learned how to manage their breathing and walked away with therapy massage balls to ease the knots and strains in their bodies.

SUSS Elder Abuse Talk (SAFE Centre)

August 2019

The team from TRANS SAFE conducted a sharing regarding Family Violence for 80 undergraduate Social Work students at Singapore University of Social Sciences, introducing them on recognising abuse, how to make assessments and the resources available to guide their practice in the future.

Elder Abuse Workshop @ Lasalle (SAFE Centre)

August 2019

Building on past years of sharing at Lasalle College of the Arts, the SAFE Team conducted a sharing on Elder Abuse to a class of Masters of Art Therapy students. The class consisted of students from diverse professional and personal backgrounds which led to a lively discussion that culminated in an individual art piece reflection.

NYP Training on Elder Abuse (SAFE Centre)

August 2019

TRANS SAFE conducted a training on Elder Abuse to 11 nursing students from the NYP Advance Diploma in Nursing (Community Health) program. These students are nurses in the community health sector, e.g.: polyclinics, day-care centres. We shared the indicators on the various types of abuse, and services available to seek help. We also provided a real case study in a community health setting for a better understanding of the nurses’ roles in the community and the possible areas in which they are able to play a part in identifying and addressing the issue of elder abuse.

Community Education session with St Hilda’s Secondary school (SAFE Centre)

May 2019

TRANS SAFE Centre conducted an educational session for the students of St Hilda’s Secondary School on 23 May 2019. A total of 12 students and 1 teacher attended the session to gain more awareness in family violence/abuse and the services available for seeking help. From the feedback, the participants had enjoyed our interactive approach, and with the facilitation of Q&A we hope they have benefited from the sharing of our experience in family violence work.


May 2019

SAFE Bridge is a TRANS SAFE community work initiative involving social workers, a volunteer and a client which culminated in a Forum Theatre performance during the Open House event on 4th May 2019. Through its presentation of problems and elicitation of solutions, the use of forum theatre as a modality aims to increase awareness of Vulnerable Adult abuse ( as a social concern) and encourage the public/community members to take an active step in intervening within their own capacity.

Ramadhan: Share the Joy 2019 (Bedok Reservoir)

May 2019

Ramadhan: Share the Joy was an event organized by TRANS Family Service Centre (Bedok Reservoir) held on 10 May 2019. During this event, a tray of Nasi Ambeng was provided to each group for the breaking of fast. There was also a ‘flea market’ where clients could take home pre-loved Hari Raya clothes and kuihs. At the void deck, there were also several booths – Henna and Art & Craft Booths. There was a total of 82 participants in attendance. Special thanks to our donors, volunteers and clients who had helped out with the event!

Open House Simulation Tour (SAFE Centre)

May 2019

As part of our efforts to engage the community, TRANS SAFE Centre conducted an audio-visual simulation tour for participants with the aim of raising their awareness of family violence and the resources available to help families. The counselling rooms at the Centre were used to enact scenes depicting a family’s experience of Spousal violence; Elder abuse/neglect; and Child-Witnessing of Family Violence. Social workers and counsellors led the participants, in small groups, on a guided tour around the counselling rooms and facilitated the processing of thoughts and feelings about what they had witnessed. The turnout was good and the responses indicated that the participants had a better awareness of family violence and its significant impact on the people who are experiencing it.

UKULELE Interest Group (Bedok)

April 2019

To foster positive relationships and build a sense of confidence in the participants, we organised a Ukulele Interest Group for 8 women. Through 10 sessions of ukulele conducted by TravelClef Music School, participants were exposed to the basic ukulele curriculum. More importantly, participants got to make new friends and pick up something new.

Visual Diary: Storytelling through Photography (SAFE Centre)

April 2019

As part of TFS’ 40th Anniversary celebrations, we invited our clients to be a part of our milestone by participating in a Visual Diary programme. Visual Diary was organized with the help of Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film. Through this programme, our clients were given an opportunity to tell their stories through their photos. Many of them found the programme beneficial and it has helped them to bond with their family, as well as provide them with an avenue to find meaning in their experiences.

Volunteers Elective Training for Casework Mentors (Bedok Reservoir)

April 2019

In April 2019, a group-work support cum training session was conducted for the casework mentors of TRANS Family Services. It was a great opportunity for the casework mentors to come together for the first time to share their experiences, joys and challenges in their volunteering journey as a casework mentor. They were also able to discuss and share strategies and solutions to some of the challenges faced.

Mobile Outreach (Bedok Reservoir)

April 2019

As part of efforts to reach out to the residents of Bedok Reservoir, TRANS FSC (Bedok Reservoir) conducted a community outreach in April 2019 to raise awareness of our services and to connect with residents. Together with our volunteers, we reached out to a total of 140 residents in the area.

Volunteer-Staff Bonding 2019 (Bedok)

March 2019

TRANS Family Service Centre (Bedok) conducted an informal get together session with our volunteers in March 2019. The 3hours get together session was filled with joy and laughter as volunteers and staff build closer connections through games and activities.

Centre Renovations (SAFE CENTRE)

March 2019

TRANS SAFE Centre and TRANS Hub (formerly known as TFS resource centre) finally re-opened its doors to our staff and clients after a highly anticipated renovation that spanned over 5 months. Both centers are uniquely designed with curved arches and soft cove lighting to create a relaxing and safe experience for our clients. With a dedicated room to facilitate video-link PPO applications and an upcoming art studio for therapeutic group work, we look forward to serving the community in our new and cosy space.

Social Work Day – Partners’ Appreciation (SAFE Centre)

March 2019

As part of TRANS Family Services’ Social Work Day celebrations, we went out to thank our valued community partners who have played a significant part in supporting our work with families in need. We hope they enjoyed the Famous Amos cookies. May this further sweeten our working relationship with them!

Staff Bonding day 2019 (SAFE Centre)

March 2019

TRANS SAFE Centre had our annual staff bonding on 19 March, where staff took time off work to unwind and get to know each other better through fun and food! Lunch was served at Earl Swensen’s Vivocity, where the highlight was an ice cream cake treat for everyone as a surprise birthday celebration. The day ended with much laughter at S.E.A. Aquarium Sentosa, as staff enjoyed themselves immersing in the company of sea creatures and with each other.

Movie Outing for FOCUS Seniors

February 2019

It was our very first sponsored movie outing for 71 FOCUS seniors at Cathay Cineplex cinema @ JEM Shopping Mall on 26 Feb 19 afternoon. The seniors have an exciting and great time watching Jack Neo’s movie titled “Killer Not Stupid”. We appreciate our neighbour, Blossom World Society for sharing the sponsorship offered by Old Street Bak Kut Teh.

Chinese New Year (CNY) Celebration 2019 (FOCUS)

February 2019

A total of 119 participants joyously celebrated our 5th Lunar Chinese New Year festive celebration at TRANS FOCUS Centre on 15 February. The highlights include “Loi Hei”, seniors and special guests’ performances and our first time ever lucky draw

Chinese New Year Sharing of Vegetables (FOCUS)

February 2019

On 31 January, 40 seniors in FOCUS Centre received fresh vegetables and mandarin oranges from the children of PCF Sparkletots Preschool and Carpe Diem Childcare Centre. The seniors were also entertained by song and dance put up by the children. The vegetables was kindly sponsored by Toh Yi Community Garden.

Suicide Awareness Talk (Bukit Timah)

January 2019

On 19 January 2019, 10.30am to 12.00pm, BT collaborated with FOCUS and Bukit Timah Resident Committee to organize a Mandarin public talk on Suicide Awareness by 2 speakers from Samaritans Of Singapore (SOS). A total of 77 participants had attended the talk.

Strategic Thinking and Annual Review (STAR) Retreat 2019 (Bukit Timah & FOCUS)

January 2019

BT and FOCUS held its STAR retreat on 9 January 2019 at The Signature Patisserie. Through the “tree of life” reflection and sharing activity, the staff experienced self-awareness as well as a deeper understanding and connection with one another. Staff were also facilitated to share and experience self-care through the use of the “self-care mandala” activity, a sumptuous lunch and Nagomi art jamming.

SPACES where I matter: a support group to facilitate self-care (Bukit Timah)

September 2018

10 clients were supported through 4 sessions of groupwork. Through the use of experiential, reflective and interactive activities, participants discussed and learnt how to better care for themselves in the social, physical, adventure, cognitive, emotional and spiritual domains.

National Day Celebration 2018 (FOCUS)

August 2018

120 seniors gathered at TRANS FOCUS Centre to celebrate Singapore’s 53rd birthday with a giant DIY birthday cake. The seniors had a great time playing team-bonding games, watching a Dementia skit put up by FOCUS seniors, a “Cup song” performance and ended the celebration with a delicious bento lunch.

Casa Raudha Case Conference (SAFE)

August 2018

Casa Raudha, a steadfast and supportive crisis shelter partner we have been working with, celebrated their 10th year Anniversary with an inaugural conference titled, ‘Target Zero Domestic Violence; Breaking the Generation Effects of Violence’ held at Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre hotel on 2nd August 2018. Our Senior Social Worker, Suriana Bte Mohd Shah represented the agency and gave a talk on our experience in Working with Elder Survivors. As part of the talk, we took the opportunity to share a prior archival study on elder abuse cases managed which covered information pertaining to profile of the victim, the person using violence, and the correlation between type of abuse and risk factors. SW Nithiya Bala and SW Assistant Nur Litta also manned a booth to publicize our Community Legal Clinic for Vulnerable Adults and the response was positive and encouraging.

Charity Haircut (FOCUS)

July 2018

Hairstylists from Mirror D’International College volunteered a free haircut service named Charity Haircut for 66 seniors at TRANS FOCUS centre.

Volunteer Elective Training & Bonding (Art of Change) (Bedok Reservoir)

July 2018

Focused on the topic of change, TRANS FSC (Bedok Reservoir) conducted a training and bonding session for our volunteers. Through facilitated conversations and activities like clay-making, we embarked on a journey of self-discovery, expanded our perspectives as people-helpers and developed a deeper appreciation of each other.

Volunteer Project at St Andrew’s Cathedral Home for the Aged (FOCUS)

June 2018

Senior volunteers and staff from TRANS FOCUS Centre have been volunteering at St Andrew Cathedral Home for the Aged for 3 consecutive years. In 2018, FOCUS seniors put up a dance performance, played games and had a sing-along session for the residents in the Home.

TRANS Hosts Participants of the Social Service Leadership Exchange Programme (Bedok Reservoir)

June 2018

Under the Social Service Leadership Exchange Programme, TRANS FSC (Bedok Reservoir) hosted 3 social workers from Thailand and Vietnam. These social workers were able to experience and undertake the work that we do through dialogues and home visits, including joining in one of Golden ConneXion’s monthly meetings.

VOIC3 Dialogue (Community Partners), A Networking Initiative (Bedok Reservoir)

June 2018

TRANS FSC (Bedok Reservoir) invited community partners serving Bedok Reservoir for a networking session called VOIC3 Dialogue. Through this dialogue session, professional community partners were able to share their observations, social concerns, and hopes for the community.


June 2018

Using multiple mediums, the children created art pieces to express themselves and learnt more about their emotions through a 5-day workshop. They also took a trip down to the various MRT stations to learn more about local artworks featured there.


June 2018

In celebration of Hari Raya, clients attended our very first Hari Raya Free Market and were able to select from a wide range of pre-loved and purchased items which were kindly donated by members of the public. Clients also enjoyed soaking up the festive spirit by participating in fringe activities such as colouring, lucky draw and having Henna designs.

Centre Renovations (Bukit Timah)

May 2018

After 3 months of renovation, our Bukit Timah (BT) centre features a spacious, warm and inviting reception area and additional refreshed counselling rooms. TRANS BT offers serenity and a safe space amidst the bustle and stresses of life. Come, share your story with us!

Bukit Timah Primary School Groupwork - Discovering the Treasure in Me (Bukit Timah)

April 2018

The children’s team conducted 4 sessions of groupwork at Bukit Timah Primary School for 10 Primary 6 children to build their self-esteem.

Parenting Talk “Getting Pre-Schoolers Ready for Primary School” (Bedok Reservoir)

March 2018

To build relationships with the Bedok Reservoir community, TRANS FSC (Bedok Reservoir) reached out to parents of pre-schools through a workshop titled “Getting Pre-Schoolers Ready for Primary School”. The presentation and dialogue provided information to support parents navigating the education system and helped us better understand their needs.

TRANS partners NUS Department of Social Work (Bedok Reservoir)

March 2018

National University of Singapore (NUS) Social Work students had the opportunity to meet and hear from Golden ConneXion and their supporting community workers on how a real working model of community work theories, techniques and skills are put in practice. The sharing of how the group was formed, the dynamics, challenges and triumphs of community work in a block of mostly lone living seniors provided an inspiring example of how social workers have a part to play in facilitating autonomous, organic mutual caring networks that strengthens and grows itself over time. Meeting these senior residents who take pride and ownership of their community themselves was encouraging and affirming for the students. In turn, the experience of being invited by a renowned institution to speak to students resulted in members feeling affirmed for their hard work, even more empowered, confident and motivated to do more for their fellow residents.

Celebrating Life groupwork (Bukit Timah)

March 2018

TRANS celebrated the life journeys of seniors over 4 days, reflecting on and sharing significant memories and life events with each other. The 4 groupwork sessions ended off over a specially prepared tea menu that included each participant’s favourite childhood food item.

Mentoring Family Day 2018 (Bukit Timah)

March 2018

With assistance from staff and Nanyang Polytechnic interns, volunteer befrienders and mentors from the Children’s Programmes team hosted a few families for a day of meaningful interaction. While the children thoroughly enjoyed their parents as play partners, parents were filled with delight to see their children relaxed, confident and having fun with staff and helpers. Families left feeling affirmed, with a healthy snack hamper, GV movie vouchers and the children took home personalised encouragement cards penned by their volunteer mentors.

Staff Bonding 2018 (Bukit Timah and FOCUS)

March 2018

On 26th March, staff from both centres came together to forge bonds of camaraderie through amazing games and delicious food at Coffeemin, Prinsep Street.


March 2018

Staff across centres celebrated social work day together by learning the art of decoupage and spending time in reflection and sharing with fellow colleagues.

SENTOSA GIVES 2018 (Bedok)

March 2018

It was a fun day out in the sun as the children conquered their fear of heights by going through a zipline course, walked 47m above the ground on a skybridge and enjoyed the picturesque view of Sentosa in a cable car ride.

Strategic Thinking and Annual Review (STAR) retreat (Bukit Timah & FOCUS)

February 2018

14 staff from both Centres spent a full day together on 1st February at TRANS FOCUS Centre. As part of developing self and team awareness, external trainer Ms Lee Sock Kuan, utilised sandplay techniques to encourage staff expression and communication. The team then collaboratively created an art piece reflecting their hopes and wishes for the work we do.

Chinese New Year (CNY) Celebration 2018 (FOCUS)

February 2018

TRANS FOCUS Centre seniors celebrated Chinese Year in the centre. Highlight of the celebration include Exchanges of CNY greetings, “Loi Hei”, Ukulele cum Singing performance and group games.


January 2018

Just like how the process of Rojak requires a lot of mixing and combination of flavours, our seniors contributed in their own ways in providing the various ingredients and worked together despite their differences to make their very own delicious rojak.

Family Violence Working Group ( FVWG) Outreach @ Pasir Ris East CC (SAFE)

January 2018

This is a family violence public education and outreach event for residents in the Pasir Ris East district. The Bedok Regional FVWG rode on the Annual Edusave Merit and Bursary award ceremony held at the Pasir Ris East Community Club on 27 and 28 January 2018, where about 1618 students received their award. A booth was set up just outside the auditorium where posters, brochures, collaterals on family violence were exhibited and distributed. The spin-the-wheel segment was popular and drew the attention of the public as they were able to win prizes in the process. Along with fellow representatives from the FVWG, Senior Counsellor Danny Wong from TRANS SAFE Centre took the opportunity to engage the public – mostly families with children who attended the award ceremony – and gave out information on family violence as well as resources for help-seeking.


December 2017

The seniors ended off the year with a bang by participating in fun exercises, karaoke singing, bingo and a scrumptious lunch.


September 2017

In celebration of the mid-autumn festival, the seniors enjoyed creating a 3-dimensional paper bunny craft. Thanks to the staff, the seniors were also able to travel back in time and take some photographs with our very own chang-ers!


August 2017

Our seniors shared a few laughs as they recalled the many enjoyable activities that were conducted last year while creating beautiful photo collages together.


July 2017

This year we adopted a glitz and glam theme to celebrate the contributions made by our volunteers and partners who have created a positive difference in the lives of our beneficiaries. It was an occasion filled with fun and laughter.

Outreach by TRANS Family Service Centre (Bedok Reservoir)

July 2017

The team kickstarted their synergistic efforts in serving the residents of Bedok Reservoir by actively engaging in various community outreaches with the intention of introducing our services to the residents and to have a more in-depth community sensing. The team took part in 3 outreach events organised by community stakeholders such as Aljunied-Hougang Town Council and Eunos Constituency Office. Additionally, the team embarked on multiple community walks around Bedok Reservoir.

The Beginning of TRANS Family Service Centre (Bedok Reservoir)

June 2017

On 15 June 2017, TRANS Family Service Centre (Bedok Reservoir) opened its doors to the residents of Bedok Reservoir. All ready to start serving the community, let us reminisce over the days when the centre was just a space under the block undergoing construction before it finally emerged as a centre. It was officially opened with a symbolic ceremony joined by our CEO, Management Committee and colleagues from the other centres!


March 2017

The annual TRANS Family Services retreat provided a platform for staff from all centres to connect and fortify bonds amongst one another. Staff learned to effectively perform as a team and overcome challenges together as well.


March 2017

Sharing our services over ice cream and milkshake, TRANS FSC (Bedok) staff and volunteers outreached to residents and invited those interested to join us as volunteers.


March 2017

36 Elderly had a splashing good time at River Safari as they viewed wildlife and had fun with volunteers exploring the park.


March 2017

The elderly put on their green thumbs as they created their own terrariums adorned with lush plants and beautiful decorations.


February 2017

The seniors were challenged in their knowledge of household products and their prices in a game-show inspired activity.


December 2016

Through a buffet lunch organised by TRANS FSC (Bedok), staff, volunteers and families bond over food and fun.


December 2016

Through the kind sponsorship of Little Arts Academy, 30 children from TRANS FSC(Bedok) had a fabulous time at the Fidgets @Grandstand.


November 2016

Thanks to the WeCare Arts fund, our seniors created their own mini sculpture using paper clay over a span of a few sessions.


November 2016

A group of National Institute of Education undergrads organised an outing for 15 families of TRANS FSC(Bedok) for the latter to enjoy quality bonding time and affirmation from one another. It was a heart-warming, meaningful and enjoyable event for the families.


September 2016

At the Mid Autumn Festival celebration, our seniors pitted their wits in a friendly game to guess the riddles. Kudos to both seniors and volunteers for making this event a success!


September 2016

Our children from TRANS FSC (Bedok) enjoyed their fun-filled outing at Sentosa, packed with games and activities specially organized by Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) for them.

Performance by Necessary Stage

September 2016

Our seniors of Happy Healthy Hour were treated to an entertaining performance by The Necessary Stage on the prevention of mosquito breeding.It was a timely reminder that everyone has a role to play to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.


September 2016

Staff of both TRANS FSC (Bukit Timah) and TRANS FOCUS Centre were busy reaching out to residents of Toh Yi from their booth at a carnival (‘Super Saturday’) organized by HDB and the Toh Yi RC.


August 2016

Our annual Appreciation Lunch for staff, volunteers and community partners, all of whom have made a difference in the lives of our clients in the past year. It was a cherished occasion for all to come together to bond over food and games and have fun.


August 2016

Our seniors joyfully participated in the celebration by building a Singapore Flag through meticulous origami folding.


August 2016

FOCUS seniors celebrated National Day with our Guest-of-Honour, Ms Sim Ann.


July 2016

Seniors donned the traditional costumes during the Hari Raya festive celebration as they learn to appreciate the unique elements in the different cultures.


June 2016

Thanks to our sponsor, Bake for Smiles, our children from TRANS FSC (Bedok) learnt how to bake cupcakes and brought their lovely edible creations back to share with their families.


June 2016

25 volunteers and staff of TRANS FOCUS Centre bonded over pottery at Dragon Kiln and Pottery Jungle.


May 2016

Empowered participants at the Positive Parenting Programme ran by TRANS SAFE Centre from May to July.


May 2016

60 seniors from TRANS FOCUS Centre on a Duck Tour adventure.


March 2016

TRANS FSC (Bukit Timah) and TRANS FOCUS Centre held a joint door-to-door outreach effort to 79 households


March 2016

Staff from across all our centres came together to commemorate Social Work Day 2016 to recharge and reflect on our journey as helping professionals.


February 2016

Residents of all ages and ethnicity celebrated Chinese New Year together.


February 2016

TRANS SAFE Centre conducted a briefing on the Management of Elder Abuse at Nanyang Polytechnic to a group of students who are doing their Advanced Diploma in Nursing (Gerontology).


February 2016

To promote active volunteerism, 23 senior volunteers were mobilized to assist in areas such as registration, ushering, emceeing, games,


September 2015

TRANS FOCUS Centre was officially launched by Guest-of-Honour, Ms Sim Ann on 19 September 2015.