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Whistleblowing Policy

TRANS Family Services is committed to upholding high standards of corporate governance and work practices. The TFS Whistleblowing Policy is in place for individuals to report any malpractice, illegal act or omission that involve TFS’ employees and/or members, without fear of reprisal.


An Investigation Committee will be appointed by the Chairman to look into the allegations. The Investigation Committee will comprise of person(s) not connected to the complaint.


Whistleblowers should report their concerns in good faith. To encourage transparency and accountability, anonymous complaints will not be entertained unless under the most exceptional circumstances. The whistleblower’s identity and the concerns raised will be kept confidential, unless as required by the law to reveal to parties such as lawyers, the police or investigators.


To enable us to effectively investigate your concerns, concerns should be raised via the Reporting Form and sent to the CEO ( and/or Chairman of the Board (


Data Protection Notices